Here at Juice Consulting, our mantra is that we “add vitality to your campaign.” In reality, we do this and much, MUCH more. We are a full-service agency that’s here to make your brand the best thing since sliced bread. We are most known for our goal-driven campaigns that leave absolutely no stone unturned. Juice brings high-level PR, strategic marketing and branding concepts to your campaign, and specialize in creating an authentic buzz around what makes you unique and worthy of mass recognition. We are extremely results-oriented and love to work with actionable goals and hard deadlines to produce the greatest possible impact for you. Solid planning and execution is key to the success of your campaign.

We offer a very personal and committed approach to the clients we take on, are very selective, and ultimately very passionate about every single one of our projects. Our approach is to bring strategic and out-of-the-box ideas as added value to your brand, and our goal is to position you as THE TALK of the town, with a buzz in the community that can easily create a domino effect. We are also a strategic consulting agency that gets really “juiced up” and VERY deeply involved with you and your brand. We work on many cutting-edge projects in the creative domain, including everything from music, entertainment and the visual arts all the way to technology, startups, real estate, luxury goods, non-profits, education, health and wellness, and much more.

Juice Consulting was founded in 2007 in Houston, TX by PR and marketing veteran Heather Wagner Reed. Soon after, she opened her Austin office and what started out as a one woman consultancy, soon grew into building a state-wide team.

Prior to Juice, Heather served as Senior Product Manager for 22-time GRAMMY®-winning artist Beyoncé, handling her day-to-day management and global marketing coordination for five years, as well as management for many other artists under the Sanctuary Records / Music World Entertainment umbrella. Earlier in her career, Heather worked in Europe for companies such as Universal Music in The Netherlands, SoundArtist.com, ABN AMRO Bank, Nyenrode University (The Netherlands Business School) and Disneyland Paris, as well as entertainment PR firm The Headline Group in Atlanta. Heather’s background of working with the “best of the best” around the world helped in her understanding about how to build an unstoppable global brand. She continues to bring this broad-thinking approach to all of Juice’s clients today.

provides our clients with unique insight and expertise across the cultural business disciplines from event and artistic planning to strategic marketing and promotion to cultural centre development.

Our team of specialists use their unparalleled global, regional and local knowledge to develop and manage innovative, bespoke projects and solutions to that align with our clients’ brand and match expectations.